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Shigeru Mizuki 

Shigeru Mizuki (水木 しげる Mizuki Shigeru?, real name: Murai Shigeru, born March 8, 1922) is a Japanese manga cartoonist, most known for his Japanese horror manga GeGeGe no Kitaro(which was originally titled “Hakaba Kitaro”), Kappa no Sanpei and Akuma-kun. Originally from Sakaiminato in Tottori prefecture, he resides in Tokyo. His pen-name, Mizuki, comes from the time when he managed an inn called ‘Mizuki Manor’ while he drew pictures for picture story shows, a Japanese form of storytelling. A specialist in stories of yōkai (a sub-genre in Japanese horror), he is considered a master of the genre. He is also known for hisWorld War II memoirs and his work as a biographer.


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Untitled (Death Valley Hills & Mountains - Grid) - Jordan Sullivan24x36 inchesEdition of 25
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My latest illustration, neon Totoro poster, Totoro makes a trip to Shibuya!
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astronaut | do not edit.

Mis dos hombres favoritos. 
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we dont want any
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In moonbeam half, and half in gloom,
Stood a tall form with nodding plume

A. Fredericks, from Marmion, by Walter Scott, illustrated under the direction of A. V. S. Anthony, Boston, 1885.

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"Concédele a mi vista, el eclipse de tus lunares."
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